Geotech Information Services specialise in data supply, statistical analysis, and presentation of geo-spatial information, ensuring we extract the highest strategic advantage from available information to help you make sound strategic business decisions.

Now more than ever data and information are critical to effective decision making in business. The sad truth is that most businesses do not exploit the potential this information presents. This is the case due to firstly, information is often difficult to find or extract, being trapped across different databases. Secondly, data in its raw form is often difficult to interpret.

Helping companies put the science behind business decisions.

Founded in 2004 Geotech Information Services’ Directors have over 70+ years of combined experience.

Our main areas of expertise include mapping, data, analysis and strategy for many of Australia’s biggest name brands and government agencies, as well as for a countless number of smaller and emerging businesses.

The Executive Team

Bruce Waddington Managing Director

Bruce Waddington

Managing Director

Bruce Waddington is a co-founder of Geotech Information Services, and is one of Australia’s most respected geo-spatial analysts, with over 20 years experience consulting to major national and international brands (as well as government) on projects of major significance.


The primary focus of Bruce’s experience is in developing robust network or territory plans within the retail and service sectors. This includes the development of highly evolved predictive tools and models for various retail sectors, as well as the creation of a range of innovative data and mapping solutions

Mark Green Technical Director

Mark Green

Technical Director

Mark is one of the founding pioneers of GIS mapping in Australia. Mark established GIS Australia in 1990 as a developer of commercial mapping software, retailer of imported mapping (GIS) software along with providing mapping services to consulting companies and clients.

Mark has developed in-house GIS software systems for some of Australia’s major retail and service industry companies including;

  • Telstra
  • ANZ Bank
  • National Australia Bank (NAB)
  • PepsiCo
  • Metropolitan Fire Brigade (Victoria)
Vanessa Wilmot Director Operations

Vanessa Wilmot

Director Operations

Vanessa Wilmot is a Director at Geotech Information Services, with over 20 years experience in research and consulting to major national and international brands.

Vanessa’s expertise is in data and predictive analytics (including sales prediction modelling) and developing robust network plans for clients to drive more effective, and profitable, strategies.

Vanessa has a passion for ‘Big Data’, using data mining techniques to assist clients understand more about their customers or members, spending patterns and who is most likely to respond to various marketing activities.

Vanessa is a passionate advocate of women in business, and is part of the Women In Franchising Vic-Tas committee, as well as being a member of the Franchise Council of Australia and a Certified Franchise Executive.

Client Management and Operational Team

Our team of highly qualified Mathematicians and GIS / Statistical Analysts are considered experts in their field and are well known and highly respected throughout the industry.

We asked each of the team to provide some insights into themselves and what they enjoy about their role and working with Geotech Information Services.

Global Business Development Manager

Jeff Vassel

Jeff enjoys building long term relationships with clients and working with the analytics and GIS teams to provide science based solutions to enhance client store sales performance.

Julie Peak GIS Analyst
GIS Analyst

Julie Peake

Julie thrives in her challenging role, and she enjoys the positive work environment and supportive work colleagues.

Adam Moore GIS Analyst
GIS Analyst

Adam Moor

Adam spends his time analysing spatial data through mapping software and designing digital maps with geographic data and various other data sets.

Katarina Vavra Market Analyst
Market Analyst

Katarina Vavra

Katarina thrives on analysing, interpreting, manipulating and visualising various types of data, including consumer demographics, sales and performance data, and instore vs online data, and turning this into actionable insight.

Market Analyst

Bryce Pillwein

Bryce is a Market Analyst, specialising in the analysis and interpretation of data. Primarily providing advisory support to clients looking to grow their store network across Australia. 

Charlie Kirkwood GIS Analyst
GIS Analyst

Charlie Kirkwood

Charlie is passionate about converting complex data into clear, usable outputs that can be easily understood and actioned by our internal team and external customers.

Administration Manager

Belinda Waddington

Belinda’s strengths lie in her management and coordination skills.  She is passionate about keeping the team and day-to-day operations running smoothly.

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