We specialise in developing cutting edge predictive models and tools to take the guess work out of strategic planning for our clients – putting science behind business decisions.

Our experienced team of GIS and market analysts help to solve client real world problems, from emerging businesses through to major corporations, for all different types of industries and franchise systems.

Through analysing data and information we are seeking patterns, relationships, and connections, and through these patterns and relationships we can provide insight and add value to business decisions.

Analytical Solutions

Prediction Modelling

Prediction modelling predicts future outcomes or events, by analysing current patterns or data that are likely to forecast future results.

We use statistical analysis and prediction modelling to unlock the secrets on what drives performance of products or services, that are unique to your industry and brand.

Find out what the key drivers are of store success, and which stores are under or over performing potential.


Cannibalisation Analysis

Cannibalisation can occur when a new store or sales channel is introduced, which then steals customers away from an existing store, leading to a reduction in sales volume of that store.

We help businesses understand the magnitude of cannibalisation before a new store or sales channel is introduced. There is little point in opening a new store if the majority of sales or customers are going to be cannibalised from existing stores.

Retail Gravity Modelling

Consumer choice to frequent a location is based on two fundamental considerations 1) customer convenience (drive and travel times); and 2) brand attractiveness.

Retail gravity modelling is based on these two fundamental considerations.

We use retail gravity modelling to assist businesses determine the likelihood of consumers visiting their store or location over another, or over that of a competitor location.

Product Category Analysis

Businesses with different product offerings can gain a deeper understanding of the factors that increase (or decrease) the demand for each by undertaking a product category analysis.

We help businesses understand what drives demand for different product categories.  This knowledge can then be used for store setup, merchandising, pricing of products, and marketing at both a national and local store level.

Market Share Analysis

Do you know what your current market share is, and how well your brand is performing compared to the broader market and competitors?

In a highly competitive marketplace, by undertaking analysis to determine your market share will allow for the identification of potential growth opportunities and where there are gaps in the market.



Customer Profiling

Understanding everything you can about your customers is the key to being able to more successfully engage with them.

Geotech Information Services can help take the guesswork out of identifying who your customers are, and assist with segmenting your customers into different consumer profiles, so that each can be more effectively targeted.