Data Solutions

Data surrounds us in quantities that have never been seen before.  The issue in having so much data available, is knowing what to do with the data to make it meaningful, so that important business decisions can be made.

Geotech Information Services can assist businesses in making data meaningful.  We have a suite of unique data sets, and experienced analysts who understand how to extract meaningful insights from data, to provide a foundation for making meaninfgul and actionable business decisions.

Big Data represented as 0's and 1's

Data Solutions

Residential, Employment & Transport Data

We can supply in-depth population and housing data, and identify hotspots of highest to lowest concentrations of your key demographic target market or segments. 

If you are a B2B organisation, we can assist you find where the strongest potential is using our employment data.

Our transport data can provide additional insight if your business depends on transient trade and being in high exposure locations.

Retail Precinct Data

Through our partnership with Mastercard, Geotech Information Services can provide insight into retail precinct performance throughout Australia.

This includes insight into the performance of shopping centre, retail strip, CBD and home-improvement locations.

Gain insight into the level of transaction and pedestrian activity, tenancy mix, and earmarked future developments of precincts.


Big Data

We assist businesses unlock value and insight from Big Data, to answer important business questions: 

  • Who are my highest value and most profitable customers?
  • Who is most likely to respond to a marketing campaign?
  • How can I find more of my high value customers from the mass market?
  • Where can my competitors customers be found?

Our Big Data solutions help turn data into strategy, and can answer these types of questions and many more.

Mobile Device Data

The ability to track consumer movements using mobile device data provides additional intelligence around the customer experience.

Some of the questions Geotech Information Services uses mobile device data to answer includes (but is not limited to):

  • Where did my customers came from prior to visiting my store?
  • What is my stores catchment and what is the profile of my consumers?
  • What % of my customers are coming to a store due to being local in the area, or are visiting a store while passing by?

International Data

If you are considering International expansion, or  wanting to grow within existing International markets, we can assist using a range of data sets and locally obtained information to assist with your International planning strategies.

This includes both residential and business demographics, expenditure, shopping centre and roads traffic data.

We also have access to Mobile device data in international markets, to track consumer movements and profile high activity retail precincts.