International Data

Have you considered international expansion, but do not know where to start?

Geotech Information Services have a range of international data and information available, and have been assisting market leading brands with their expansion into international markets – in particular with expansion into New Zealand and South-East Asia.

Gaining access to where people live, work and play in international markets, means businesses can identify locations to open new stores or promote their services, for the highest chance of success.

New Zealand

New Zealand Data Driven Insights

For many Australian businesses, once established within the Australian marketplace, the next avenue for growth is internationally.

New Zealand is often a popular choice, due to being in close proximity to Australia, and having a similar culture.  A mistake that is often made, however, is assuming that demand for a product or service in New Zealand is the same as Australia, which is not always the case.

Geotech Information Services can provide data driven insights into the New Zealand marketplace, and assist businesses with their expansion into New Zealand and other markets internationally.

International Expansion Does Not Need to Be Daunting

Businesses that take a considered approach to international expansion, backed by data driven insights, have the highest chance of success.

International expansion does not need to be daunting, if decisions are made based on data and science.

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