Residential, Employment & Transport Data

Geotech Information Services assists businesses in making data meaningful, so that actionable business decisions can be made.  We have a range of unique data sets, and expereinced analysts who understand how to extract meaningful insights from data.

We have in-depth population and housing data, including where urban development is occurring, which can be used to identify hotspots of highest to lowest concentrations of your key demographic target market or segments. 

We work with not only B2C, but also B2B organisations, using our employment data to identify areas of strongest demand and potential.

Our transport data can provide additional insight if your business depends on transient trade, and being in high exposure locations.

Customer profiling pie chart created of people with two segments

Identify Where Consumers are Located

Consumers make purchasing decisions not only based on where they live, but also from where they are located throughout different parts of the day.

At Geotech Information Services, we help businesses identify not only where their current customers are located, but also where consumers from the mass market can be found – where they live, work, study and play, and while in transit.

Our household expenditure data can provide additional insight into what products consumers spend their money on, assisting with market sizing and demand for your products and services.

Let Us Assist with Data Driven Insight

At Geotech Information Services, we use the following data to drive insight:
  • Transaction Data – powered by Mastercard, providing a unique measure of retail precinct performance
  • Census Data – extensive residential demographic data to identify your key target market
  • Urban Development & Land Use – identify where urban development is occurring, greenfield developments, and what land is being used for
  • Household Expenditure Data – what types of products and services consumers spend their money on
  • Employment Data – where are working populations located, by industry type and business size
  • Mobile Device Data – profile and track consumer travel patterns
  • Retail Precincts – where are shopping centres, retail strips, homemaker centres and CBD locations that can be targeted for new sites
  • Transport Data – where are key transport hubs located, and what are the travel patterns and traffic volumes passing by a site
  • Entertainment and Dining Data – the location of and data on entertainment and dining precincts
  • Medical Data – the location of and data on hospitals and pharmacies
  • Fitness Data – the location of and data on Fitness Studios
  • Schools, Childcare & Education Data – the location of and data on schools, childcare and other types of education


Area Potential Report

The Geotech Area Potential Report assesses whether a geographic area holds potential for a brand.  Detailed data is included, such as population growth and developments occurring in the area, the characteristics of residential and working populations in the local area, and competitive influences.

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