Retail Precinct Data

Data on retail precincts is critical for businesses to determine if a particular precinct is right for them, as well as where to locate within the precinct.

Through our partnership with Mastercard, Geotech Information Services is assisting businesses assess retail precinct performance, and determine which retail precincts to target.

This includes providing insight into the transaction and pedestrian activity, tenancy mix, and earmarked future developments of all different types of precincts.

Retail Precinct

Gain Insight into All Types of Retail Precincts

Historically only data on the retail performance of the largest shopping centres was available, which was patchy at best.

It is now possible to gain insight into all different types of precincts, with retail performance data available for not only shopping centres, but also for shopping strips, Big Box / homemaker centres, outlet centres, airport and transit hubs, and CBD / commercial locations.

Geotech Information Services are assisting businesses compare the transaction and sales performance across different precinct types, to determine which precincts to target. 

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The Shopping Centre Comparison Report

The Geotech Information Services’ Shopping Centre Comparison Report assists businesses determine which centre offers the strongest potential for their brand.  It also assists centre property developers to assess the tenancy mix of each centre and how this relates to the target market contained within each centres catchment.

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