Identifying Customer Segments For a More Customised Consumer Experience

Customer Segments

A high profile fashion retailer was treating all of their loyalty customers as equal, and was cross selling to them all with exactly the same offerings and marketing materials. They reported that this was not particularly successful, as growth in sales from their loyalty customers had stagnated.

When they came to us at Geotech Information Services, their goal was to have deeper engagement with their loyalty customers, and ultimately to increase sales from them.

To achieve this, they sought to understand more about the demographic and spend profiles of their loyalty customers, and how customers could be segmented. That way, the customer experience that they were offering could then be customised dependent on which segment customers fell into, and their resultant profiles.

This analysis resulted in very clear business outcomes for the brand. It identified that they had 4 key customer segments with unique demographic attributes and spend profiles.

Armed with this knowledge, it enabled the fashion retailer to customise their communications and marketing material differently for each of the 4 key customer segments, resulting in an enhanced and more personalised customer experience.

By understanding the demographic and spend profiles of the different segments, they could then target each of them more appropriately with communications and marketing material. This lead to increased sales from their loyalty customers, and increased spend on a per transaction basis due to more personalised upsell and cross sell initiatives implemented as a result.

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