Geographic Mapping

Geographical Mapping lets us take raw data and generate a representative map from that data.  Visualising information in this way, we can immediately understand and interpret data that otherwise could take hours to digest and make sense of.

Most data has some kind of a geographical component, be it a customer address, a store location and associated sales data, or online and delivery sales.

By mapping this geographical information we can unlock a wealth of information about your brand and customers, including where they are located throughout different times of the day, and their purchasing habits.

geographic mapping

Geographic Mapping Solutions

Market Mapping

A picture tells a thousand words. Often data in its rawest form or contained within spreadsheets is either meaningless or difficult to interpret.

By visually displaying data on a map, this can make data meaningful and unlock incredible insight.

Let us help you make important, fact based decisions by visually bringing data to life.


Precinct Scout Mapping

Precinct Scout empowers businesses with the intelligence to make more profitable location, leasing or purchasing decisions.

Precinct Scout provides precinct performance data for over 5,000 precincts across Australia via an interactive online mapping interface.  

It draws on a unique combination of data sources including Mastercard merchant data, allowing transaction and pedestrian activity between precincts to be compared.

Franchise Growth Mapping

Franchising is a proven method to assist with growing a brand.  However, it is important that any growth plans are well researched, carefully planned, and openly communicated, for the highest chance of success. If not, this can severely limit a franchise systems growth.

We assist franchisors with growing their networks to help them reach market potential.

Territory & PMA Mapping

Visually displaying territories or PMA’s (primary marketing areas) on a map, gives operators or franchisees a tangible, specific, localised geographic area that they can market to and operate within.

We help businesses with their territory and PMA (primary marketing area) planning, and once defined, can provide insight into who lives and works in a territory, and what they spend their money on.