Using Data Science to help steer profitable location planning

With over 25 years' experience using data analytics within the QSR industry, we help brands profitably grow and optimise existing property real estate.

Which retail precincts have performed better than others post Covid?

The unpredictability of Covid-19 has thrown many retail businesses into a tail spin. Not knowing whether they will be open or closed next week has impacted the strategic thinking and development of many businesses.

There are a number of ways Geotech assists our QSR clients increase profitability. In uncertain and changing time we have helped many brands navigate their way out of Covid, providing insight into retail precincts and centres that are performing above the national average.

How are you managing Delivery sales growth estimates?

For many clients delivery sales have increased to a point it now represents 30% of revenue- this is unlikely to change anytime soon so how do you assess the delivery potential revenue when looking at new site locations?

Geotech has developed a proven method of estimating delivery channel sales. This analysis can be beneficial for clients looking at potential new sites to better understand where the strongest opportunities are and plan accordingly.

We can also analyse existing restaurant delivery sales to determine whether the restaurant is maximising sales based on how the brand aligns with demographic demand present in the store’s catchment.

How to realise benefits in optimising sales for existing restaurants

Another challenging aspect we have found facing businesses is real estate optimisation. Many brands have been looking to consolidate their property portfolio, unsure whether underperforming stores are better off closing or relocating.

Geotech can build a model to forecast sales for every restaurant in your network. This model can then be used to determine which restaurants in the network can be optimised, closed or relocated with recommendations provided to underpin lease negotiations.  

How to underpin network planning with a science based approach

Network planning is fast becoming ultra competitive with many brands looking at the same site locations. How accurate are you sales forecasts and are you confident the forecast is as robust as possible?

Geotech can help your business using data analytics to provide a more scientific approach to restaurant sales forecasting, and as mentioned earlier can also include delivery channel sales. In addition to sales forecasting, how much will the new restaurant impact your existing restaurants , and what is the net gain by opening the new store

Geotech can also forecast cannibalisation impacts giving your property team added intelligence before committing to the property.

What our customers say

Do any of these challenges
sound familiar?

Geotech can help! With over 25 years’ experience working with  well known brands that have large and diverse networks, we provide solutions to problems facing the QSR industry everyday.

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