Business Strategy

Business strategy is the actions and decisions that a business takes in order to reach its business goals and be competitive in the marketplace.

Having a well researched and well thought out business strategy is critical, to underpin any business decision made for the highest chance of success of a brand.

At Geotech Information Services, we work in partnership with our clients.  Our strategic solutions assist our clients in making meaningful and actionable business decisions based on data and science.

Business Strategy man gazing at data displayed in front of him

Strategic Solutions

Network Optimisation

The goal of any successful business, is to ensure that they are operating to their maximum potential, and that they evolve and grow their business over time.

We assist businesses in optimising the performance of their existing networks, to ensure stores and territories are operating to their full potential.  This includes identifying which stores or territories are under or over performing potential, so that action can be taken.


Location Growth Strategies

Unsure how to grow your business, and what locations or areas offer the highest potential for growth of your products or services?

Our location growth strategy services assist in determining the most optimum locations or areas for businesses to seek new stores or create new territories, or for potential franchisees to expand into for the highest chance of success.


Local Area Marketing

Local area marketing is a process which involves identifying, designing, and implementing a range of marketing initiatives within a local community.

We assist businesses with the first stage of a local area marketing strategy, providing insight into the unique characteristics of a local area – who works, lives, and plays within the local area, what do they spend their money on, and what are their consumer travel patterns.

Omni-channel Strategies

Omni-channel strategy is a cross-channel strategy used by businesses to create an integrated, and seamless, customer experience.

We help businesses with their omni-channel strategies, by undertaking analysis to determine the interactions between different online and instore channels, and identifying the consumer profiles for each.

International Strategies

International expansion need not be daunting, if decisions are made based on data and science.

We assist clients with their international strategies by providing them with data driven insights on international markets – where people live, work, and play in international markets, their consumer travel patterns and behaviour, and demographic profiles.