Using Analytics to Drive Customer, Brand and Channel Insight

A client in the Tourism industry with multiple brands was unsure of the market positioning of each of their brands. They were also considering whether to bring a new, additional brand into the market.

They were wanting to understand more about what market segments each of their brands were attracting, identify which market segments each of their brands should be targeting moving forward, and gain an understanding on the interactions between online and offline (instore) channels.

Geotech Information Services undertook analysis to assist them in understanding the demographic and geographic appeal by channel (online and offline) by each of their brands and for each product category that they offered.

This resulted in clear business outcomes for them, including:

• That there needed to be a more integrated, omni-channel approach for each of their brands moving forward. It was found that there was little interaction between online and offline channels, leading to a missed opportunity of attracting and retaining new customers.

• By understanding what market segments each of their brands were tapping into, this allowed them to position each brand to tap into areas of highest missed opportunity, and obtain high potential market segments that they were previously not acquiring.

• Rather than all brands being all things to all people, by repositioning each of their existing brands and playing to each brands strengths, all high potential market segments identified were covered and there did not need to be an additional new brand added.

As a result of undertaking the analysis, the Tourism client had a clearer understanding on how to position each brand and play to each brands strengths, and incorporated strategies to have a more integrated omni-channel approach and customer experience. They also decided against adding a new brand into the market, and that the better strategy for them was to reposition their existing brands.

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