Market Share Analysis

Do you know what your current market share is, and how well your brand is performing compared to the broader market and competitors?

In a highly competitive marketplace, by undertaking analysis to determine your market share will allow for the identification of potential growth opportunities and where there are gaps in the market.

Geotech Information Services can undertake a market share analysis to determine what your share of the market is.

Market Share
Supply vs Demand Mapping

Identifying Gaps in the Market

Most businesses are aware of how they are performing on a revenue or store basis, however, how this translates on a broader market level is often overlooked.

By understanding what your customer or market share is compared to competitors, this can assist with growth strategies to increase market share.

It can also assist at a local level, in identifying where geographically a brand has high to low customer or market share, and where there are gaps (or hot spots) in the market of missed opportunity.

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Market Mapping

Geotech Information Services market mapping can visually display where your brand has high to low proportions of market share, and where key competitors are located.

Market Mapping

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