Omni-Channel Strategy

An omni-channel strategy is a cross-channel strategy used by businesses to create an integrated customer experience.  The idea is that no matter what channel a consumer chooses to use, that they have the same, or a similar, customer experience that is more pleasant and engaging then if they were to use a single channel in isolation.

Whether the channel used is online or instore, consumers will be more engaged with a brand if they have a similar experience across all channels.  If a consumer is let down by the experiences via one channel, this will have a negative impact on how the consumer views and interacts with the brand, no matter how positive their experiences have been with other channels.

omni-channel strategy chart representation

Online vs Instore Channel Interactions

Growth in the online channel has accelerated in recent times.  Businesses that had already embraced online as part of an omni-channel strategy have generally performed better during recent uncertain times.

Now it is more important than ever before to understand what influences the performance of different channels, and the interactions between each.

Geotech Information Services assists businesses with their omni-channel strategy, by undertaking analysis to answer important business questions:

  • How similar (or different) are my online and instore consumer profiles?
  • What is the interaction between the instore and online channels, and should the channels be viewed as complimentary or competitive?
  • Where are my online customers based and do they tend to be located around existing stores, or is online tapping into a different target market?
  • Where are the missed opportunities for my brand?
  • What are the product category skews of online vs instore purchasing?

Using Analytics to Drive Customer, Brand, and Channel Insight

A Tourism client with multiple brands was unsure of the market positioning of each of their brands, and their online and instore channels. They were also considering whether to bring a new, additional brand into the market.

Geotech Information Services undertook analysis that gave them a clearer understanding on how to position each brand, play to each brands strengths, and incorporate strategies to have a more integrated omni-channel approach and customer experience.

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Customer Profiling

Geotech Information Services can help take the guesswork out of identifying who your customers are, and assist with segmenting your customers into different customer profiles, so that each can be more effectively targeted.

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