Customer Profiling

Understanding everything you can about your customers is the key to being able to more successfully engage with them.

Geotech Information Services can help take the guesswork out of identifying who your customers are, and assist with segmenting your customers into different consumer profiles, so that each can be more effectively targeted.

Geotech Information Services create value and insight from data, by identifying who your key target markets are, their demographic and spending patterns, and where they can be found throughout different parts of the day. 

By having a deeper understanding about your customers, this will assist with engaging with existing customers more effectively, and identifying where potential new customers can be found.

Customer profiling pie chart created of people with two segments
Customer Profiling graphic representation

Customer Profiling Leads to More Effective Marketing Campaigns

By identifying who your customers are, and understanding the types of people that are most likely to purchase your products or services, will lead to more effective marketing campaigns.

Without a clear understanding of your unique customer profiles, this will lead to a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and will not take into account the unique wants and needs of different consumer groups.  

Geotech Information Services can assist in defining your unique customer profiles, so that you can derive and execute more effective marketing campaigns to your target audience, to assist with increasing ROI and customer engagement.

Case Study

Identifying Customer Segments For a More Customised Consumer Experience

The sales from a high profile fashion retailers loyalty customers had stagnated, and they were wanting to engage more deeply with their customers.  Geotech Information Services undertook analysis for them that identified 4 key customer segments and their unique demographic and spend profiles. 

By understanding their key customer segments, this enabled them to offer a more customised customer experience to each of their segments.  This lead to increased sales from their loyalty customers, and increased spend on a per transaction basis due to more personalised upsell and cross sell initiatives implemented as a result.

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