Retail Performance Insights

Retail Performance Insights empowers organisations with the intelligence to make more profitable location, leasing or purchasing decisions.

Retail Performance Insights provides data on precinct performance via an interactive online mapping interface, drawing on a unique combination of data sources including Mastercard merchant data.

It is ideal for Property Managers, Retailers, Commercial Real Estate Agents, and Leasing Agents wanting to assess retail precinct performance.


Helping Property Managers Assess Retail Precinct Performance

In partnership with MasterCard, Geotech’s Retail Performance Insights delivers invaluable retail trading information for over 3,000 retail and commercial precincts across Australia.

The Insights are derived using a combination of unique data sources such as the latest Mastercard Retail Transactional Data and the Geotech Mobile Device Data.

Every retail precinct in is ranked (against other precincts) based on Total Activity, Average Ticket Size and Precinct Growth. 

Every precinct has an hourly activity profile as well as a day of the week profile.

  • Access to quarterly indexed precinct rankings derived from Mastercard transaction data (from Mastercard) and Geotech Mobile Device Data by Precincts, empowering businesses to make better location planning decisions.
  • For a Property Manager or Retailer looking for that high potential tenancy, Retail Performance Insights allows them to compare precinct traffic and ticket size, and see which precincts are growing or going ‘off the boil’.
  • Assist with identifying a strip location that performs as well (or better) than a more well known, higher rental shopping centre.

Retail Performance Insights Subscription

Retail Performance Insights can be purchased as a subscription, and is delivered via an online mapping interface, entitling subscribers to:

  • MasterCard Merchant Activity Data
  • Mobile Device Tracking Data (time of day activity)
  • Retail Precinct Locations, including Shopping Centres & Strips Homemaker Centres
  • Surrounding Residential Demographics
  • Plus any other customised layers of interest (population growth, ABS household expenditure data, key target market heat mapping, generator activity, site and competitor locations, delivery channel demand).
  • Quarterly Retail Insight Reports

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Quarterly Retail Insight Reports

The Retail Insight Reports highlights the top retail precincts across Australia in Transaction Volumes, Ticket Size (Average Spend Per Transaction) and identifies which precincts have had the most significant movements up or down in Transaction Volumes and Sales.  

Retail precincts are segmented into the top suburban areas, regional / country areas, CBD environments and homemaker centres.

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