Market Mapping

A picture tells a thousand words.  Often data in its rawest form or contained within spreadsheets is either meaningless or difficult to interpret. 

By undertaking market mapping (visually displaying data on a map), this can make data meaningful and unlock incredible insight.

At Geotech Information Services, we help businesses make important, fact based decisions by visually bringing data to life.

Geotech Information Services has developed an easy to use, online mapping interface, providing users with direct access to a range of data and information, at the click of a mouse.

market mapping displayed on desktop

Market Mapping for Competitive Intelligence

All companies have access to data, but many have trouble making it meaningful and actionable.  Geotech Information Services undertake market mapping for businesses to answer important business questions such as:
  • Where is my key target market located throughout different day parts?  Where are the hot spots of strongest opportunity?
  • What does the demand vs supply landscape look like for my product offering?
  • Where are areas of missed opportunity and gaps in the market?
  • What is the interaction between instore, online and delivery sales?
  • What are my customers, and my competitors customers, travel patterns and behaviours?

Geotech Information Services can map out your customer or sales data, or any of the data from our unique data sets, to unlock invaluable information about your customers and brand – putting science behind business decisions.

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Incorporate market mapping as part of your location growth strategy to determine the best locations for your brand.

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