Product Category Analysis

Businesses with different product offerings can gain a deeper understanding of the factors that increase (or decrease) the demand for each by undertaking a product category analysis.

By understanding what drives demand for different product categories, this knowledge can be used for store setup, merchandising, pricing of products, and marketing at both a national and local store level.

Benefits of Product Category Analysis

Businesses that have a greater understanding of the demographic and market skews at a product category level, have a unique advantage in being able to to tailor product offerings, at both a national and local level, and enhance the customer experience.

Geotech Information Services can assist businesses in understanding more about the demographic and market skews of different product categories, to answer key questions, including (but not limited to):

  • Which types of areas does each product category perform best in?
  • Which products should be promoted more heavily than others at a national and local level?
  • What is the relationship between different product categories?

Undertaking a product category analysis can also provide insight into cross sell and upsell opportunities, and potential bundling of relevant products.

Case Study

Undertaking a Product Category Analysis for More Focused Acquisition and Retention Strategies

A prominent AFL teams number of memberships had stagnated, and they were wanting to increase the attendance of their members at AFL matches.

By undertaking an analysis on their membership product categories, they were able to use the findings to more effectively acquire and retain members, and ultimately increase AFL game attendance by their members. 


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