Product Category Analysis for More Focused Acquisition & Retention Strategies

Product Category lightbulb filled with marketing terms

A prominent AFL teams number of memberships had stagnated, and they were endeavouring to increase attendance of their members and supporters at AFL games.

They had a wealth of information available about their members and club supporters, including what category (or membership level) their members had.

Geotech Information Services undertook analysis of their member and supporter databases, to determine the demographic and market skews of their different membership categories. This resulted in an understanding of the different demographic and spend profiles of each membership category and supporter type, which was then used to identify:

1) Which supporters had the highest probability of being able to convert to a membership – and which membership product category to offer them;

2) Which members had the highest probability of increasing their membership level – and which membership product category was the most appropriate to offer;

3) Which members were most at risk of not renewing their membership – and identifying if there was a more suitable membership product to offer them depending on their lifestage, in an endeavour to retain the member (even if temporarily they were put on a lower level membership category).

As a result of undertaking the product category analysis, the AFL team was able to more effectively acquire and retain memberships ongoing, and achieve the ultimate goal of increasing game attendance by their members.

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