Local Area Marketing

Local area marketing is a process which involves identifying, designing, and implementing a range of marketing initiatives within a local community.

When executed effectively, local area marketing can lead to increased consumer engagement and provide a strong return on investment.

Geotech Information Services can assist with the first stage of a local area marketing strategy, which is providing insight into the unique characteristics of a local area – who works, lives, and plays within the local area, what do they spend their money on, and what are their consumer travel patterns.

Local Area marketing
Local Area Marketing

Local Area Marketing for Franchisees

Local area marketing is particularly important for franchisees.  They have the unique advantage of having a recognisable brand behind them, and access to national or international marketing initiatives via their franchisor.

However, a franchise is often seen as a local business, therefore positively engaging with the local community is critical in building local relationships, which in turn promote the broader franchise systems brand name.

Geotech Information Services assist franchisees in understanding more about their local communities, enabling local area marketing campaigns to be tailored towards potential consumers so that they can be targeted more effectively.

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Local Area Market Profile Report

The Local Area Market Profile Report provides a snapshot into the types of consumers that are in a specific area or territory throughout different day parts, and what they spend their money on.

The report contains information that assists businesses with developing local area marketing campaigns, with information on consumers living and working in an area at a local level so that they can be targeted more effectively.

local area marketing

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Franchise Growth Mapping

Market mapping and territory or PMA planning is particularly relevant for service based franchise brands. Geotech Information Services can help franchised networks grow to their potential.


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