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Helping you find the floor you have been looking for

Choices Flooring was founded in 1959, and is one of the largest flooring retailers in Australia, and more recently have launched into the New Zealand market.
Geotech Information Services have been working with Choices Flooring since 2012, to assist them with their quest to help Australians (and now New Zealanders) find the floor that they have been searching for.
In these times where people are spending more time at home then ever before, who wouldn’t want to come home to plush carpets or modern timber and other types of affordable flooring. Offering quality and value, Choices Flooring has grown to over 140 stores across both Australia, and more recently, New Zealand.

Choices Flooring originally came to Geotech in 2012, seeking to understand how many stores and Primary Marketing Area’s (PMA’s) Australia could sustain that were equitable and viable for their members, and ultimately create an “optimum retail network plan” of stores. PMA’s around stores were previously based on who lived around the stores, and there was no data or science to say how many stores (or PMA’s) Australia could sustain.

Through analysis, Geotech determined the criteria for creating equitable and viable PMA’s, and also what the key drivers of revenue for stores were. That is, the types of areas and environments stores perform best in, and what the contribution residential and working populations, the characteristics of the site itself, and competitive influences were having on store revenue.

Since this time, the Choices Flooring brand has evolved, with new customer personas emerging, and where a significant proportion of demand for Choices Flooring products are now coming from surrounding commercial and employment activity (those working in the area), as well as residential demand.

Geotech worked with Choices Flooring to create a PMA plan across Australia, with equitable and viable PMA’s, taking into account both residential and employment demand. The analysis undertaken was then used to create an “optimum retail network plan” of PMA’s and recommended areas, and the types of locations to seek new stores for the highest chance of success.

This network plan is now being used to both optimise the existing network (which stores should be relocated to a more suitable location within the PMA) and for network growth opportunities.

Geotech have also assisted Choices Flooring launch and expand into the New Zealand market with a PMA and network plan, to ensure an equitable and viable plan from the start.

One of the key benefits as part of the process, was the ability to provide customised PMA reports to both Choices Flooring management and each of their stores members. This included information on the volume and types of people that both live and work in the PMA, and the types of flooring households in the area spend their money on – to assist with Local Area Marketing.

Choices Flooring management also use the PMA plan and resultant reports to determine which stores online enquiries should be directed to, to provide the most fair and equitable outcome possible for members.
By providing PMA and network plans, that are equitable and viable, with stores being positioned for the highest chance of success, truly means that Geotech are assisting Choices Flooring in their quest to help Australians and New Zealanders find the floor that they have been searching for.

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