The Evolution of Mobile Device Data Tracking

Back in 2019 (which seems like an eternity ago) we were approached by a well known QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) brand to help them better understand the potential lost business as a result of a compulsory acquisition and closure of their busy CBD store.

The challenge for the business was to determine what proportion of customers visiting the existing store would automatically change their buying habits and potentially visit an alternative store. People are creatures of habit so it wasn’t 100% clear how much business would migrate to the next closest store or be lost to a competitor.

In order to help solve the problem, we used mobile device data tracking and were able to “fence” off the existing store, capture the devices that entered the store, where they came from 20 minutes before/after visiting, then track customer travel patterns and routes taken. Using this information, we were able to quantify the percentage of customers that would likely visit the next closest store or be lost to a competitor.

To further explain what this all means we have a Q&A below.

What is Geotech’s Mobile Device Data Tracking (MDDT)?

Mobile Device Data Tracking is an exciting new area within the data and analytics space.  Using a range of international sources, Geotech have been able to generate and interrogate a data set that tracks (in real time) over 5 million mobile devices across Australia.

How does this service differentiate itself compared to other customer insight solutions?

This is the first data set of its kind that can profile and track consumer movements and retail habits.  While data sets such as the Census data and household expenditure data still have their place, and provide invaluable information about customer demographic characteristics and spending patterns, all of this data is currently linked to an individuals residential address. 

However, as we all know, customers do not just make buying decisions based on where they live.  The Mobile Device Tracking Data is a unique data set that allows us to understand how people move around and travel, and what their retail shopping habits are.  This is an exciting space to be in, as it will allow us to assist clients with understanding the location and behaviour of both customers and non customers by time of day and across different day parts.

What are the notable trends and insights that Geotech is already seeing through MDDT?

One of the most interesting insights that we are seeing already is how different pedestrian traffic can be throughout different day parts, and in different sections of the same precinct – whether it be within CBD environments or in large shopping centres.  This provides incredible insight into consumer movements and retail habits, as it can be visualised where in a precinct has the highest volume of pedestrian traffic at different times of the day.

In addition, another insight that is already emerging is the ability to understand and visualise just how local or transient a stores customers are, and how this compares to other stores (a brands own stores or even competitor stores).

What are a couple of the ways that brands are already starting to use this data?

Brands that are starting to use this data are already seeing the incredible insight that can be gleaned from this data set.  The benefits are endless, however we are already seeing this data being used in the following types of ways:

  • Measuring pedestrian traffic by time of day throughout shopping centres, CBD environments, and around special events (such as sporting events);
  • Profiling the shopping behaviour, movement and characteristics of your customers (and competitors customers) and what proportion are frequenting each store due to being local in the area (home, work, study) or are transient customers (who frequent a store while passing by);
  • Generating customer and trade area maps.

The is only a tiny fraction of what is possible using this data.

What would be the next phase of MDDT? Any other variables that will be further explored through it?

The Mobile Device Data Tracking information provides a rich data source and the possibilities and the insights able to be gleaned from this data are endless!

One area that we are currently investigating further is using the MDDT to assist clients with Local Area Marketing strategies based not only on who lives or works in the area, but also who is in the area for other reasons, who they are, how far they have come from and how they could potentially be marketed to.

We are also currently working with some of our key clients to determine other ways to implement this cutting edge data.

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