Putting data behind decision making

Geotech specialise in the analysis and presentation of market and customer information
in order to drive more effective and profitable growth strategies for our clients.

Now more than ever, access to up-to-date data and information is critical to effective business decision-making.

At Geotech Information Services we help our clients prioritise the data that offers a strategic advantage.

But data in itself does not make the decision. Using a sophisticated analytical process we provide the answers retailers look for when making network planning decisions.

Mobile device data is the first data of its kind that can be used to profile and track consumer movements and retail shopping habits.

Identify key drivers of revenue, why the top performing stores excel, and identify types of products consumer is most likely to purchase.

Let us help you with data mining, data segmentation and customer profiling to understand more about your customers


Geotch can help ensure that you are operating to your maximum potential, evolving and growing your business over time.

Geotech produce a number of Market reports that can be customised. These can be site specific, area specific or industry specific.

We have a range of international data and can assist market leading brands with their expansion into international markets


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